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ANYCUBIC Delta/Kossel Mini/Plus Towers Reinforcement

This model is designed by enry68 (, thank you very much for your great support. For details, please see the description below:


This is enry68 NEW design of the reinforcement for the ANYCUBIC Delta/Kossel Mini&PLUS 3D Printer but works with all printers equipped with Bosch 20x20 aluminium profiles.

The structure is simple and strong and makes your printer stable.

The main parts areonly tree for each corner(more screws,nuts and washer obviously):

1) Tower support

2) Bands

3) Circular thickness

Each group must be replicated for each tower. I suggest you to apply the same parts also in the UPPER side. After this improvement the printe will be stable also with high speed prints and also if you move the printer in another place.

The real secret is to mount the printer with the tree tower perfectly orthogonal to the bases (top and bottom). If you mount the printer correctly with this reinforcement the printer will be stable in the time.

NOTE: I've included also the design of the bands (with ANYCUBIC or DELTA logo) but if you prefer you can use the simple aluminium bands with at least 2mm tickness.

To mount this structure you need for each corner:

On the tower:

1) Two hexagonal head screws M4

2) Two self-locking nuts M4

3) Two washers for M4 screws

4) Two M4 screws 15mm long

5) Two square M4 nuts

On the horizontal base:

6) Two M4 screws 15mm long

7) Two washers for M4 screws

8) Two square M4 nuts


a) First of all loosen the screws that locks the towers to the corners (without remove them)

b) mount the upper part of the reinforcement on the tower

c) mount the bands between the tower reinforcement and the base

d) verify the perfect othogonality between the towers and the base

e) lock all the screws of the structure (except the screws of the corners that keep the tower)

f) lock the screws of the corners that keep the tower

See the photo for detals.

The circular part named "Spessore_Tirante_Basso_V2" must be inserted between the diagonal bands and the horizontal bosch base of the pinter.

Happy prints.


Print Settings

Printer: ANYCUBIC i3 Mega

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 100%

Notes: Use supports only for the reinforcement that must be attached to the tower. For the band and the thikness it is not required.