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ANYCUBIC Delta/Kossel Plus 220-240mm HeatedBed supports

This model is designed by enry68 (, thank you very much for your great support. For details, please see the description below:


These are the LEFT and RIGHT supports to be used on a DELTA/Kossel 3d printer. the supports are designed for an HeatedBed of 220mm diameter and a glass of 240mm diameter. The supports can be printed in PLA (ABS is not necessary, tested for a lot of hours @100°C)

These supports uses the original stock screws given with the original supports in the kit of the Anycubic DeltaPlus.

Obviously they can be used also with other Delta printers.

To center the bed, preplace the supports at about 90mm eachother on the same side.

Happy prints.


Print Settings

Printer: Anycubic Delta Plus Linear

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 50%


Place the supports on the bed on a side so that:

for the LEFT the "8" must be near the bed

-for the RIGHT the "E" must be near the bed

In this way the supports are not required.