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  • THSL -300-8D Lead Screw

    THSL-300-8D Lead Screw Dia 8MM Thread 8mm Length 300mm trapezoidal spindle screw with copper nut Lead Screw for 3D printerFeatures:superior quality;corrosion resistance;high temperature resistance.

  • 3D Printer Heating tube for Extruder printer head

    Anycubic 5Pcs 12V 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater 6*20mm For Extruder Print head 3D Printers Parts Heating Tube 1Meter PartFeatures:superior quality;better resistance.

  • 3D Printer Consumables Frame

    3D Printer Filament Tabletop Wall Mount Rack Consumables Frame Silk Tray Wire Rack 3D Printer ABS/PLA Frame Wire Frame HolderFeatures:Hatchbox 3D Printer Filament Rack;Universally designed to meet your filament need.