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LCD Photon

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2.8 inches touch screen, real-time previews of print status

Photon operational system, hassle-free USB mode printing

UV-LED designed with uniformity and durability

Photon Slicer, Ultimate Slice Speed

2K LCD Masking Screen

Inner air-purification system with activated carbon

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 Technical Matters

Q1Besides FEP as a resin tank vat. Are there any materials that is suitable to replace it?

A1: We suggest using FEP film. We haven’t tried any other materials to replace the FEP film. We choose FEP films because of its good flexibility, heat/chemical resistance, inert surface, excellent light transmittance, and relatively economical. Theoretically, any polymer film meets those standards worth a try.

Q2: Can I make a display mask and add it to the system? How?

A2:  We are working on this. And it is possible to apply a mask into the system. Users could just update the firmware and get the latest function later.

Q3: How long screen will last?

A3: Well it depends on how often you use the printer. Under extensive usage, the Photons in our lab do not need screen replacement for over 6 months. Anyways, this is consumables and it will be available on our online shops.

Q4: Do a finish print need to be clean up a dry immediately after the print process? 

A4: If there is no direct strong UV light source, or direct sun light, then it’s totally fine to leave the model overnight. 

Q5: What exactly is the type of the Z-axis? I have a curve axis and I have z-woble on the printouts. I would like to replace the axis.

A5: The type of the Z axis is 42*48, 3.3V1.8A, T8 lead screw motor (2mm pitch), rod length=240mm. Anyways, the Z axis module would be available on ANYCUBIC online shops later. 

Q6: Could the software but updated to do an automatic check that prints will run and advise if support needed for layer that is not attached to another. 

A6: The currently version of Photon Slicer offers the function of auto support adding. Maybe you were mentioning more advanced function, could you please give us an example?

Q7: Could you add automatic hollowing in the software, to save on resin?

A7: This function will be seriously considered in the next version for sure. However, if you use Win10 OS, then you can use the 3D Builder for the specific function at the currently stage.

Q8: Could you open source the software. 

A8: Currently we are not ready to share the source code of the Photon. 

Q9: Open the firmware to other file types and options such as mask creation. This is a great machine but will never beat the D7 without masks and open source support.

A9: We are working on the mask creation. But we are not ready to open the firmware.

Q10: The Custom Chitu board you use, will there be WIFI available for it in the future? 

A10There will be WiFi function enabled to the Photon board.

Q11: Do you develop the slicer or is developed by Chitu? 

Q11: We developed the slier together.

Q12: Is there a 3D model of the resin VAT available and also any other parts? 

A12: We can share this specific file and other files if you need it.

Q13It there a roadmap for the slicer development for new features available? 

A13: We plan to bring our customers the new slicing software in about two month.

Q14: Upgrade kits for when you make improvements. Ie, the recent Z-Axis change. Release a kit of the old model so we can upgrade our machines. (much like what Wanaho do..;-)) 

A14: Yes, we value our customers. We will take this into serious consideration when doing upgrade.

Q15: Build in Leveling Bubbles? to make it easy to level the machine (And make sure they can be replaced easily)

A15: Yes, we can do that in next version, Photon-X.

Q16: A built in TL Smoother, they cost Pennies/Cents to include.

A16: We will do experiment first to see if it could make much difference. 

Q17: How about a silicon gasket to fit in between the glass protector to protect against resin leakage.

A17: We will consider about that. But we will consider why the resin would leak at the first place. 

Q18: A mirrored inside back so you can see the back of prints while printing

A18: Very interesting! Maybe you can show us your DIY project about this?

Q19: Proper UV blocking panels

A19: Yes, we will choose different colored (orange) cover.

Q20: Invest in some better quality fans!!

A20: We are looking for better ones.

Q21: Redesign the plate mount so it can rotate 90 degrees for dripping the resin off without removing it. (ie, on it's side). Ball joint possibly or a locking swivel joint.

A21: OK, we will try that design.

Q22: Replacement front LCD touch stickers made available as I destroyed mine with resin sticking to it.

A22: OK, we can do that. But maybe you can try cleaning with alcohol.

Q23: Is there a way to upgrade the LCD screen to a 4K screen? 

A23: For currently version, it is difficult to do so. But we will be working on 4K version (new printer) but which is another story. 

Q24: For a same object, how much longer is the print time compare to a FDM (in percentage)?

A24: Photon (DLP 3D printer) is far superior in terms of speed than FDM printers when printing multiple models with ultrafine details. For printing only one model, I would say those two types can be more or less at the same speed level, but the speed is also depend on the layer thickness, materials, accuracy, and the scale of the model.

Q25: What's the blue acrylic in the window rated for in terms of being able stop UV? There's ethernet and wifi on the controller board, what are the plans for networking the printer for remote monitoring and control? 

A25: We choose the blue PC panel (not acrylic) because of the looks. However, orange would be more effective to block the UV. So, we would change that in our future batches. We would enable the WiFi later.

Q26: A guide on Rafting, why it may be needed, the best way to do it, ticks and tips....Thanks 

A26: It is suggested to add rafting for models especially with small bottom contact area but chunk body. 

Q27: Is it possible to make open the photon file format? It would be useful for integration with other slicing software and for automated tuning of curing parameters. It appears to be a binary format but it would be good to have a human readable format (text + rasters) option. 

A27: Currently we are not ready to share the source code. But we will think about the compatibility with more slicing software later.

Q28: Have there been any thought on higher resolution displays? If so, what is the limiting factor? The resin? 

A28: Yes, we have the plan for higher resolution display such as 4K. We will be optimizing the current 2K version, and later on we will try the 4K. 

Q29: Similar to above, is there work being done on sub-pixel greyscale techniques? Someone posted a video here that looked really amazing. 

A29: Yes, that is a brilliant idea. We will study that.

Q30: Could you use a more powerful UV LED (perhaps with a diffuser or ground glass) and active cooling to get faster print times? 

A30: We are studying that.

Q31: Instead of the current pillow block design a linear rail would provide better z axis linearity. 

A31: We are working on a better Z axis, and there will be upgrade kit available later.

Q32: Auto shut off after print has finished. I let it run last night for a 4hour print and so the fans and the printer was on till I got in the store at 9:30 the next morning that can't be good for the fan or the potential power surges etc. 

A32: You may upgrade the firmware from our official website. The new firmware can turn on the fan during printing and turn it off when finishing. 

Q33: Replace the windows with UV blocking orange plexi glass. I am not sure why Photon is using windows that are not blocking UV on a light sensitive resin chamber. Oh and send us all replacement plexi for our machines. 

A33: We will do that in future batch. There will be links for upgradeing. For the blue panel, as long as the Photon stay inside without any strong direct UV, it is not necessary to worry about too much.

Q34: I am having g a hard time reading the screen while it is printing. I'd love this to be somewhat Internet accessible or can you guys redesign to printing info interface for the next firmware upgrade. Focusing more on the print times instead of the print layer. I have to use a magnifying glass to find out its progress. Plus the print time calculations are consistently wrong so need to really redesign this. Thanks for going the group. 

A34: OK, we will upgrade the firmware to use bigger font. We will also look into the accuracy of the printing time.

Q35: Ii have to agree the screen size is rather small, it would be nice for a upgraded larger screen at some point in the future, i've not had the opportunity to crack open the case "yet" to see the type of screen that is stock but judging by the space at the front this should and would be a relatively easy upgrade. 

A35: We may consider a bigger touch screen. But originally we choose the 2.8’ touch screen because it suits more with the Photon (as Photon is relatively compact).

Q36: Totally agree with the font size issue maybe we could have the ability to scroll between two screens. One for the print layer and the second for info like print time, % done, time left etc. Also more accurate print times on slicer and machine.. All in the name of DEVELOPMENT 

A36: OK we will think about a better UI and upgrade the firmware when it’s ready.

Q37: Does adding a bearing on top really going to mess up the printer?? 

A37: There is a possibility to get wave curve along with the Z axis direction if the top bearing locked the lead screw and causing a bent. Actually the accuracy is defined by the Z axis guide rails, so if the rails set are installed properly, then it should be OK no matter the bearings is there or not.


Q1: What is the best way to prevent warping around areas where supports are placed. 

A1: You may consider to (1) fine tune (decrease) the contact area between the support and the model, (2) and decrease the contact depth as well. 

Q2: Provide official guide for positioning models, currently some people have hard time to understand why they should tilt the model. 

A2: Thanks for your suggestion. We will make a video about that later.

Q3: I need build time, material cost, weight in Slicer. 

A3: This function will be developed later. Thanks.


Q1: How is the price of resin going to be in the future? Will it get cheaper for home user? 

A1: We will keep optimize the resin price and quality as well as diversity. It will be definitely cheaper gradually.

Q2: Are all resins acceptable for the photon or is it limited since its a DLP printer. I think this is whats holding me back being new to resin printers. How durable is the resin for use in prototyping environment. Ie strength vs a FDM filament like Petg Nylon or carbon fiber etc. 

A2: Photon accept 405nm UV resins. There is more information on “Anycubic Photon DLP Printer Owners” FACEBOOK page as many users have tried out the resins from other brand. Also, there will be other resins for special purpose like high strength and castable ones, please stay tuned.

Q3: Do you think there will be reusable resin so failed prints can be melted back down? 

A3: As far as I know currently there is no such option. But maybe in the future it will be available or the resins would be getting much cheaper so we do not have to worry about the cost.

Q4: Is there a castable resin available? Can other brand resins be used in the Photon? 

A4: The castable resin would be available soon. Currently you may look into “Anycubic Photon DLP Printer Owners” for more information about other resins that suitable to Photon.

Q5: Any chance we can get cheaper shipping cost for Resin to South Africa? 

A5: Our logistic people will look into that seriously.

Q6: Is there a flexible resin that’s cured by uv??? 

A6: Yes, this option would be available as well as other special resins later.

Q7: They do not ship from Germany to Denmark this is not good enough.

A7: Our logistic people will look into that seriously.

Q8: Also Anycubic resin is twice the price of any other resin can we expect this to change any time soon? or you will never be able to sell it to us because of the high price.

A8: We will for sure to optimize the resin price and quality as well as diversity. It will be definitely cheaper gradually.

Photon Parts Sale

Q1: Flint Read We need spare part resellers for all critical parts, not just consumables basically European american and Australasian resellers who are well stocked would be the ideal situation as it would make mailing faster. And as our African friends pointed out Africa too please. 

A1: Usually we do not sell small parts online but we do have all parts in stock. Please kindly contact relevant salesmen via shops or direct emailing to arrange shipment for you.


AliExpress: or 

Ebay: or

Alibaba: or

We will try to develop more resellers in African region for better service.

Other Questions

Q1: A prettier door knob like this would brand the Photon more visibly i think this is a test print i made to demonstrate the concept. 

A1: This is brilliant. We would come up with new door handle design later.

Q2: Do you have a sneak peak of the Photon X for us? 

A2: We can only provide more details later.

Q3: When will the WIFI connection come? 

A3: It’s been scheduled a few months later.

Q4: Please don't forget us here in Deep Dark AFRICA.

A4: We will try our best to provide our products and service worldwide.

Q5: Any payment in installments? 

A5: Sorry currently we are not able to provide this service.

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