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Large size Chiron

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The price is to prevent an unexpected purchasing action. Chiron is under mass production.

1) Huge build volume 400*400*450mm³/15.7”* 15.7”* 17.7” allows for more creation space.

2) New designed auto leveling function allows live adjustment and single spot compensation during printing.

3) Ultrabase Pro brings new user experience, good adhesion and easy model removal.

4) Resume from accident power loss provides better user experience.

5) Filament detection can save the hassles when running out of filament or filament breakage.

6) 24V DC high-power heated bed, combined with independent dual MOSFET drivers creates safer and fast heating results.

7) Modified Titan extruder equipped with straight-through print head can result in excellent flexible materials printing experience.

8) Dual Z axis photoelectric limit switches allows for more stable levelness of the print bed.

9) Full color touch screen and updated UI is more user-friendly.

10) Quick assembly saves your time to enjoy the printing and creation

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